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Hopewell Emergency Crew is a volunteer Emergency Medical Services organization for the city of Hopewell, Virginia.  Dispatched by the Hopewell Emergency Communications Center, Hopewell Emergency Crew provides  emergency medical care, rescue and first aid, and public services in addition to mutual aid EMS response for surrounding localities.

Our crew quarters is located in the heart of the city of Hopewell.  Still being housed in the same building that was built by the hands of volunteers from the community many years ago, our building is all inclusive housing our administrative offices, training classrooms, and living areas for on duty crews.  

All emergency medical care is provided by one of our four ambulances also housed at our crew headquarters.  Hopewell EMS also operates a Quick Response Vehicle.  All emergency vehicles are equipped and licensed to provide Advanced Life Support.  Care provided is in accordance with standards set by the Old Dominion EMS Alliance and meets or exceeds state regulations and requirements set by the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services.

Without the dedication of our heroic members, none of this would be possible.  Our members come from all walks of life and have an undying love for the work of helping others.  Collectively, our members bring over 150 years of EMS experience with some members holding over thirty years individually.  We are excited that you have taken the time to visit our website and learn more about your volunteer emergency crew.  At Hopewell Emergency Crew, we are volunteers making a difference, one life at a time.

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The Sylvia & Garry Clatterbuck Memorial Scholarship
Garry Clatterbuck began his legacy in 1965 with the Hopewell Emergency Crew where he reached the level of certified Cardiac Technician.  He was a teacher, leader, and an inspiration to all who knew him.  He served as Captain of the Hopewell Emergency Crew for several years, and was awarded Life Membership with the squad.  He broadened his horizons by branching out to serve on other local, state and international boards.  Garry was a true advocated for volunteers all over the State of Virginia and the United States. He served as Secretary, Vice President and two terms as President of the VAVRS.  In 1985 he received life membership form the VAVRS where he devoted many years of service.  Garry was a founding member of the Prince George Emergency Crew, the Old Dominion EMS Alliance, the Red Hats at Hercules, Inc., and was a member of the Crater EMS Council.  He was also very active in the Hopewell Community and was awarded honors such as Volunteer of the Year by the Hopewell City Jaycees, Senior Citizen of the Year in 1995, and inducted into the Senior Citizen Hall of Fame in 1998.  He was always willing to talk about crew business and wanted each squad person to reach their potential.  
For 50 years, Sylvia was involved with the Hopewell Emergency Crew Auxiliary, Bensley-Bermuda Volunteer Rescue Squad Auxiliary and the AVAVRS and was awarded life membership in all three organizations.  She served every office in the Southeastern District, and worked her up the ladder to eventually serve as President of the AVAVRS from 1999-2001.  She and Garry truly looked forward to the annual convention each year and Sylvia served as Convention Chairman and Co-Chairman for several terms.  In 1983, Sylvia was awarded the Auxiliary Outstanding Service Award and Life Membership in the AVAVRS in 1993.
This scholarship awarded by the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads is in the amount of $1,000.  For more information and an application, please click the link below

The Clatterbuck Memorial Scholarship

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